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Boxing Day Outfit Inspiration

Merry almost Christmas! Christmas Eve is only two days away. I am wrapping presents today! I am one of those crazy people who actually likes wrapping. The smell of the paper and the tape and the precise folding are totally my jam. (Is it even still remotely cool to say something is your jam or is it over?) I love giving gifts and we are doing things differently this year in the Elder-Chamanara household. We are only giving each other two gifts this Christmas. A small gift and a big gift. There are no other perimeters. I know what my small gift is from my husband because I bought it. I was walking through Pottery Barn weeks ago when I spotted a display of travel jewelry cases and stopped to look. I have been searching for a small, quality and affordable travel jewelry box for at least two years. I’m not joking. All others have been too expensive, too poorly made or too big. But Pottery Barn had the perfect one and I texted Ali from the store letting him know that my small gift was covered. I don’t know what my big gift is at all. I think that my scaling back the number of gifts we give we are being even more intentional in what and why we give each other presents which is becoming more important to me as we get older and more discerning about what we spend money on. But there is one day that is all about spending and it’s Boxing Day.

In the U.S. there is Black Friday but in Canada we have Boxing Day on December 26th. The creep of Black Friday has come north with a lot of stores offering discounts before Christmas but this was not the norm in Canada until a couple of years ago but there are still even more sales that happen on Boxing Day. The biggest mall in Calgary is the closest one to where we live. Chinook Mall is the go-to Boxing Day destination for a lot of Calgarians. Three years ago my sister and I were naieve enough to think that we could drive and park there. The joke was on us. We had to park and walk from the parking lot of another mall. Chinook Mall now has people dedicated to directing traffic weeks before Christmas because parking is such a problem. So if we go this year, we won’t be driving. Ali will kindly be asked to drop us off and pick us up. The beauty of being dropped off and pickup up is that bulky coats can be left at home. Carrying bags in a crowded mall with your parka is a pain. Which brings me to what I hope will be your Boxing Day outfit inspiration! 



Bomber Jacket | Uniqlo | Sweater | Banana Republic | Jeans | Gap | Boots | Poppy Barley | Clutch | Aldo (from the summer and no longer available) Similar 



Toque | Chapters Indigo 


Why is this the perfect outfit for Boxing Day? Here are just my top four reasons why you should steal my style and wear the same kind of outfit:

#1 It’s three main pieces.

It’s just jeans, a sweater and a bomber which means you can get in and out of your clothes quickly if you are trying things on. 

#2 You aren’t going to overheat.

There’s no huge parka here. If you too hot and you had a bag with you, you could take the bomber off and carry it. The toque is optional but will help you stand out in crowded stores. 

#3 It’s all things you already own.

Well, maybe not the bomber but maybe it’s the first thing you get on Boxing Day! The jeans, sweater and toque are all things you 100% have. You don’t have to venture outside of your own closet to find this outfit. 

#4 You don’t have to do your hair. 

Because you are wearing a toque! Save time, get out of the house faster and get shopping more quickly. 



I would recommend using a bag with a strap though. A clutch on Boxing Day is a disaster waiting to happen. You will put it down and leave it somewhere. That and you will need both of your hands to shop. Safety and practicality are both reasons why you should use a bag with a shoulder strap. Leave the clutch at home. I hope that the next couple of days are stress free and that you spend Christmas making beautiful memories with people you love. And that your Boxing Day shopping is filled with lots of amazing deals and that you look and feel great in whatever you wear. 



I love this photo so much! My heart skips a beat when I find a wall like this one.

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