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She Stole My Style Cherry Skirt

How to Wear Bright Tights with a Bold Print

What colour tights do you own? Now think about what colours you wish you had because I might own them. I don’t wear them often but I can see them peeking out of my drawer just patiently waiting for me to have the right outfit to wear them with. My poor tights spent a long time in hibernation because it isn’t often that I have an outfit worthy of wearing them. I finally found the right piece to wear my beloved red tights but it required the use of one particular virtue. Patience. I exerted a large amount of patience in purchasing this skirt from J. Crew. I saw it in their store at Chinook Mall but didn’t love it enough to buy it at its full price of $128.00. Fast forward a month and I am in the mall for something totally unrelated but see a sign out front of J. Crew that says all sale merchandise is 40% off. Out of curiosity, I went in to see if the skirt was on sale. And it was! And I bought it! My patience paid off. 


She Stole My Style Cherry Skirt Bright Tights

Skirt | J. Crew Pleated Midi Skirt in Cherry Print | Sweater | Banana Republic Merino Crew Sweater | Tights | An old purchase from Joe Fresh | Hat | Lacoste from the outlet store at Cross Iron Mills | Boots | Poppy Barley Two Point Five Ankle Boot | Clutch | Aldo (read this post to find who inspired me to buy it)


She Stole My Style Cherry Skirt Bright Tights

Necklace | Kate Spade Estate Necklace (it’s sadly no longer available) Earrings | Banana Republic Basic Mix Silver Stud Earring


I totally get that just wearing a skirt that is covered in cherries might already be a lot for some. But don’t be afraid! Yes, this skirt would have looked amazing with black tights but the red tights make it so much more exciting. I did keep the rest of this outfit pretty simple and neutral (i.e. black) with the exception of more of a statement necklace though… Which you could even subtract if you think that the tights and print are enough for you in one outfit. If you aren’t sure that bright tights or a cherry print skirt are for you than just decide what is and go from there. And maybe, just maybe, when you are in a store and see some bright tights just patiently waiting for you to take them home, you will. And then you will find a skirt with a crazy fun print like mine and we will run into each other when we are both wearing them and I will be so excited and happy to have a kindred spirit!


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