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Hart Tassel Earrings She Stole My Style

I Heart Hart Earrings

Last week or the week before (it’s hard to keep of weeks now with the sleep deprivation) I was on Twitter and saw a post about a Christmas gift giving guide from an American magazine or newspaper and clicked. I scrolled through until I saw these Hart earrings:

Hart Tassel Earrings

Baby Fatties in Black. Image via Hart Hagerty.

No joke, I immediately clicked on the link and started looking. The earrings, sweetly named Baby Fatties, I discovered were from the brand/designer Hart Hagerty. Statement earrings are really trendy right now. But I think these earrings defy being trendy because of their culture. Even the way Hagerty writes about her earrings makes this exact point – “Tassels are kind of ‘thing’ right now. But I know that’s not why you’re here. In fact, the last thing you want to be is ‘trendy.’ You know what you like, what looks best on you and don’t like to overdo it. You love styling wardrobe classics in your unique way. And that’s why I love designing my earrings for you.” By you she means me. And maybe you!

Hagerty’s bio explains that she majored in Chinese at Vanderbilt and lived in Shanghai for five years which served as inspiration in creating the earrings. It’s almost like I had an emotional connection to the earrings and Hagerty herself which sounds more than a little crazy. Why? Because the first conversation that I had  with the man that would become my husband involved me asking him if he would live in China because I wanted to live there… I had traveled to China for work in 2010 and fell in love with the language, culture and country. And while we still haven’t moved to China, we did honeymoon in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Are we not kindred spirits?

Back to looking at the earrings, I struggled to decide which to order but settled on the Baby Fatties in black and the Topknots in Sage.

Hart Tassel Earrings

Hart Topknots in Sage. Image via Hart Hagerty.

Choosing was extremely difficult because they are all so lovely. I also purchased the travel cases for both pairs to keep them safe and clean at home and away. And while the earrings arrived late last week, I didn’t wear them for the first time until yesterday when William and I went for dim sum with a friend and her new baby.

Hart Tassel Earrings She Stole My Style

Sporting my Baby Fatties.

And you want to know who else is into these earrings but hasn’t yet worn them? Khole Kardashian. While watching Instagram stories, I noticed Hagerty shared a screenshot of an email from someone on Kardashian’s team requesting two pairs. For Khloe Kardashian. I can only image what it would be like to be a small business owner and then one day receive an email like this. Bottomline, if you love these Hart earrings as much as me, order them now and you too can say that you wore them before a Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian Hart Earrings

When a Kardashian wants your earrings you pop the champagne. Image via @Hart_Studio Instagram.


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